Easy Organization for Every Room in your House!

Getting organized and staying organized are two different things. It can be easy to attack clutter one Saturday afternoon, never touching it again. You figured you gave it your best go; everything can stay where it is. But, things rarely stay where you put them.

Life happens, and clutter has a way of making it back into every room of your home. To avoid the constant clutter war, it might be time to fight back with an organized strategy. Out of sight, out of mind isn’t always the best policy when it comes to all that extra stuff you have laying around. Here are some easy ways you can get organized in each room of your home:

The Kitchen:

organized kitchen drawer

If you have a problem with an overflowing junk drawer or messy Tupperware storage, you know how frustrating a disorganized kitchen can be. The trick to an organized kitchen is to repurpose everyday items into organizational powerhouses:

  1. Use a magazine organizer to store things like plastic wrap and aluminum foil under your sink or in your lower cabinets. This vertical storage takes up much less space than storing the boxes horizontally.
  2. Magnets can be used for more than hanging stuff on your fridge. Use strong magnets with magnetic strips to store spices, jars, or anything else that can be tucked away for easy access.

The Living Room:

Living in organized chaos can leave you feeling stressed-out, unable to unwind after a long day. Your living room should be for relaxing and family time – not a catch-all for clutter. To keep your living room organized, use items that double as storage:

  1. Don’t waste any space with a normal ottoman. Invest in an ottoman with storage – for things like toys or blankets. You can even make one yourself out of an old crate. Just add some padding and cover it in any fabric you choose!
  2. Room under your couch is wasted space. Slim plastic containers can easily slide under your couch – storing things like throw blankets, decorations, and more.

The Bedroom:

colorful clothing hangers

Your bedroom should be an escape from the world – a calm environment used for rest and relaxation. Too often, things like clothes and shoes pile up on chairs and free floor space. Creating calm in tour bedroom is all about scaling-down and stacking:

  1. The first step in organizing is de-cluttering. This means going through the clothing and shoes you haven’t worn in forever. Use the “one year” rule. If you haven’t worn in in a year, donate it. Unused stuff takes up the most space.
  2. Once you’ve narrowed down your wardrobe, stacking storage is your friend. Use stacking hangers to get more in your closet, and utilize smaller spaces by moving up. This takes us less valuable space.

The Bathroom:

Between showering, primping, and personal care, you probably spend a lot of time in the bathroom. A disorganized bathroom can feel dirty, even if it’s not. No one wants to spend time getting ready for work in a dirty bathroom. To keep your bathroom fresh and clean, make use of storage solutions:

  1. Utilize over the toilet organizers for added space. These aren’t very expensive and can hold a lot of stuff. This extra storage frees up your counter space, giving you the room you need to get ready!
  2. Things you use often can be left out in decorative storage. Repurpose old jars to hold things like cotton balls, hair ties, and makeup brushes. These easily-cluttered things can stay organized and look pretty too!

If you’ve exhausted all of your other creative storage solutions and handy hacks, you might just be limited by space. Instead of buying a new house, invest in a storage shed. These are the perfect solution for things you don’t need every day, but you need to keep – like Christmas decorations and beach chairs. Whether you need to get creative or invest in a storage shed, there is a solution for you!