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Spring Lawn Care – After the Freeze

yellow flowers in snow

While most of the country in under a deep freeze, it won’t last forever. The snow will soon melt, giving way to sunny skies and time spend outdoors again. It’s easy to forget about your outdoor chores while there’s snow on the ground. But when winter winds down, it’s time to start planning your spring lawn care.

When you take the time to get ahead of your lawn maintenance, you’re not left with broken parts and equipment come spring. Your lawn won’t have the time to overgrow while you spend time fixing your mower!

Here are some spring lawn care tips to help you get ready for the warmer weather!

1. Take Inventory

Before the ground beings to thaw, it’s important to take inventory of your lawn care tools. This is the time to replace that broken rake you put off since last year. Also, be sure to check that your John Deere mower is working correctly and has all the parts it needs. If a part needs replaced, seek out John Deere riding mower parts online. You’ll get the best prices, and be able to fix your mower before you need it!

2. Clean it Up

Once the weather warms up and the grass beings to turn green again, it’s time to get outside. Before doing anything else, you should clean the debris from your lawn. You don’t want to mow over any sticks or rocks. Going over your lawn with a rake will get all the junk up and away. You’ll also be able to spot problem areas that may need treated or filled.

3. Fix any Problems

Giving your yard a good, clean sweep makes spotting problems that much easier. Overgrown or dead trees and shrubs should be trimmed and removed if they’re not going to come back in the spring. Also, any major sink holes or divots should be fixed for safety. This is when you can prepare for areas that need to be filled with new grass, plan how to fix drainage issues, and improve the health of your lawn early on.

4. Make it Grow

Spring is one of the best times to fertilize your lawn. You’re likely to have bare spots, worn down from winter rain and snow. The not-too-warm spring climate is idea for new grass. Do your research over the winter to find the best and safest fertilizer for spring. This will leave you prepared when it’s time to get out there!

5. Mow it High

riding mower

When it’s time to mow, you may be tempted to set your blade low. Most people think this is a good way to clean up their grass and jumpstart its growth. In fact, mowing too low leave your grass susceptible to damage – giving way to dying grass and lots of weed growth. You should always mow your grass higher the first few times until the regains its strength. This helps you avoid lots more dead patches and weeds come middle of the summer when you want your lawn to look its best!

Lawn care isn’t an enjoyable chore, but when you have the right tools, the job can be done a lot smoother! Preparing before it’s time to get outside lets you focus on maintaining your lawn, instead of running around to get what you need. Come summer, you’ll be glad you were ready!