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Alternative Energy – Finding the Right Source for your Home

With winter in full swing, you might be dreaming of more temperate days. Colder days don’t just bring closed windows and gloomy skies. They also bring higher energy bills. No one wants to be saddled with an energy bill that can be double or even triple the cost it usually is. Most homeowners just accept higher energy bills as reality during the winter.

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Instead of setting the thermostat uncomfortably low and relying on extra blankets for warmth, invest in alternate energy to keep you warm. You don’t have to rely on electric heat, pinching pennies when the mercury dips below freezing.

Here are two different types of alternate heat sources – these provide the warmth you want, and the savings you need:

Wood Stoves

Wood stoves bring us back to the basis in life. From the beginning, people relied on burning wood to provide heat. That’s why a wood stove is the most traditional, basic way of heating your home during the coldest months of the year. Even though wood stoves have become beautiful decorative pieces too, they’re still as natural as it gets.

A wood stove is the most affordable, cost-effective heating method in our list – especially if you can harvest wood from your own property. Some people might be again wood stoves, saying they contribute to deforestation. In fact, it’s the other way around. Wood is a renewable resource. When you harvest wood from your property, you can also plant new trees to renew your resource and give back to the earth.

Harvesting your own wood can be hard work, but after your stove is installed, heating your home is virtually free. You do have to commit to properly cleaning and maintaining your wood stove, but the added benefits are well worth the upkeep. If you want to crank your thermostat down and really heat up a few rooms, a wood stove is the way to go!

Retrofit Fireplaces

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If your current fireplace is out of date, you probably spend more time stoking the fire than feeling the warmth. Fireplaces usually aren’t as powerful as wood stoves, as their chimneys tend to force hot air up and out. Old fireplaces can be drafty, actually allowing more cold air in! An updated fireplace is designed to heat better than an older one.

To benefit from your fireplace, invest in a retrofit fireplace. These take the place of your old fireplace, and can be installed in just a day or so. You’re left with a sealed and updated heating system that can keep the heat in your home, instead of up the chimney.

If you’re looking for fireplaces Lancaster is a good place to start. You’ll want the help of an expert that can recommend the best and safest model for your home. You also don’t want to take any chances on poor installation. The right retrofitted fireplace can help cut your energy bills and give your family a cozy centerpiece!

Choosing the right source of alternative heat for your home should depend on the needs of your family. Both wood stoves and new fireplaces use wood as a renewable resource – effectively freeing you from sky-high electric bills. When you can harvest your own wood, you’re already ahead of the game. So whether you want to heat your living room or a few more rooms, get ready to set your thermostat low and cozy up to the fire!