Backyard Buildings

Wooden Backyard Buildings for your Log Home

Unless you live in the mountains, log homes are unique in suburban areas. In areas with mostly colonial or ranch style homes, a log home is a welcome departure from the norm. If you’re the proud owner of a log home, you probably love all things unique. And there’s no exception here when it comes to your outdoor space.

When you’re going for an out-of-the-box look, ordinary backyard designs just won’t cut it. You need the very best, highest quality backyard building to set you apart from the rest. Backyard buildings add style, elegance, and function to every backyard – instantly making the space more livable and enjoyable.

Let’s explore a few different wooden backyard buildings that would be a fantastic compliment to any log home:

Wooden Gazebos

wooden gazebo

Gazebos are one of the most well-known, popular backyard buildings. In fact, you can find gazebos of all shapes and sizes in parks, at office buildings, and in backyards all over the world. Traditionally, gazebos are open octagonal structures, dating back as early as ancient China. Over time, the shape, size, and style of gazebos has changed. But the best material to build a gazebo from has not.

A wooden gazebo is the most durable, longest lasting material for building gazebos. While vinyl gazebos can be cheaper and easier to assemble, they’re not as sturdy. A wooden gazebo can last the test of time, becoming a fixture in your backyard where memories are made. Adding a gazebo to your yard is an excellent choice for classic elegance and function.

Wooden Pergolas

Pergolas are another beautiful backyard building, usually found in a garden setting. Structures similar to modern pergolas can be found in ancient Rome, as latticed covers for garden parties. Today, pergolas can be found all over the world as awesome additions to any garden. You’ll usually find pergolas covered in climbing vines or flowers, adding an even more magical touch!

A wooden pergola would be the perfect addition to any nature-lover’s backyard. While not made to be shelter from the elements, their simple four post structure and slatted roof makes them perfect for any garden style. Allowing plants and flowers to scale this structure is even better. Your pergola could become a living backyard building!

Wooden Pavilions

garden wooden pavilion

Combine a gazebo and a pergola, and you have a pavilion! Pavilions have a sturdy, shingled roof like a gazebo, but the simple post-design of a pergola. Modern pavilions can usually be found in parks; available to rent for parties and events. But, pavilions can be found all over the world – from Thailand to China, and Italy to Switzerland.

Even though wooden pavilions are usually large structures in parks, they are a great addition to any backyard. These can be built in any size to suit your property, and provide an excellent covered space for outdoor dining and pool side relaxation. Choosing to build in wood adds that classic touch, while giving you a backyard building that will last for many, many years.

These three structures are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to backyard buildings. There are so many more structures that could be an excellent addition to your log home. Choosing the right structure to match your home will depend on its purpose, and your preference. But building your backyard structure in wood to match your home is always a good idea!