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Backyard Living with Backyard Buildings

After you’ve made the investment to build or buy the log home of your dreams, it’s time to start thinking outside the box! A log or timber home is usually pretty far outside the box for most homeowners. In this case, the box is your house – and it’s time to think about enhancing your outdoor living space!

Creating the creative home of your dreams is only halfway complete with your actual house. A lot of living can happen in your backyard if you have the right stuff! A backyard building like a storage shed or an outdoor pergola adds form and function to your outdoor space. Spending some time turning your backyard into a dream can only make your log home that much better.

An Organized Life is a Happy Life

green garden shed

A new home holds so much promise. If you move from a smaller space like a condo or apartment, a home can offer the space to spread your wings! Most new homeowners are thrilled with the amount of storage space they have. After a few years, this storage space quickly fills up with decorations, knickknacks, and just stuff.

Instead of stressing over the most cost-effective storage solutions and DIY tricks, look outside your home for permanent storage. Storage buildings in KY can offer an excellent solution to your organization woes! A quality storage building like a shed or prefab garage can help you reclaim your home from the clutter, making it feel new again.

Energy & Dollar Efficiency

Log homes have a cozy quality about them. Just from the outside, you can envision a fireplace full of wood and cozy blankets about inside a log home. Even if they are super cozy, log homes can be notorious energy hogs when it comes to climate control. No matter the kind of home you have, when you need stay warm without breaking the bank, it’s usually a good idea to consider alternative energy sources.

Adding a fireplace or wood stove to your home is an excellent, cost-effective way to save money on heating costs – especially if you live in an area with long, cold winters. Wood stoves burn cleaner, saving you money and offering an environmentally conscious option for energy. If you’re thinking of making the switch to alternate energy, consult the professionals at LanChester. They can help you find the right stove for your home, and even install it!

Maintaining your Lawn & Garden

riding lawn mowers

As important as creating a lovely outdoor space is to your dream home vision, so is maintaining your lawn and garden. Thinking about mowing the lawn and planting flowerbeds isn’t as glamorous as the final product, but you have to do the work to reap the benefits. Time spent landscaping can help you achieve the backyard you’ve always wanted. But before all that lawn work can begin, you need the best John Deere parts online to get the job done right.

The right parts for your lawn tractor and other lawn tools help the boring job of lawn work go smoother. Instead of spending hours outside doing lawn work, the right parts can help you cut the time in half. A job done well is just as important as how nice the final product looks!

Protecting Your Family & Your Investments

Decorating, organizing, and making your house a home is the fun part of home ownership. A new home has so much potential. But what a lot of new homeowners tend to overlook is spending the time to find the very best home insurance. The process of finding your first house can be hectic – and settling for just any home insurance policy isn’t always the best bet.

To protect your family and your investments, take the time to seek professional help with your home insurance options. Providers like Triumph Insurance care about the needs of you and your family. Finding a quality provider that cares about you is half the battle. The rest is up to them to find you the best policy for your coverage needs.